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Dr. Carrie Roberts


Dr. Carrie Roberts is a rising star in the field of Gynecology, bringing an expertise patients at Wilson MD Aesthetics. She joined the practice in 2018.  She earned her Bachelor and Medical Doctorate degrees from Creighton University before completing her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Arizona- Phoenix at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital. 

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Dr. Roberts has a specific interest in aesthetics, this is partly due to her medical expertise in PCOS, a condition that she has managed herself for decades and is an international consultant for PCOS diet support.  PCOS is a complex endocrine and hormonal disorder that can contribute to acne, increased fat deposition, dark hair growth, and many other symptoms.

She is passionate about helping her patients look and feel their best. Supporting and contributing to the services provided by Wilson MD Aesthetics directly supports women who may struggle with the effects of PCOS.
In addition, Dr Roberts is mother to two young children. Recovering from pregnancy and childbirth, Dr Roberts used body contouring to get her body back quickly. Emsculpt NEO helped tone and sculpt her abs and improve her rectus diastasis. 

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