Facial Toning For Melasma

Advanced Pigment Removal And Skin Resurfacing

PicoFractional uses photoacoustic energy combined with high energy to reach deep into skin and shatter multiple types of skin pigmentation, such as pigmented lesions, age spots, sun spots, acne scars and surgical scars, as well as treat facial lines and wrinkles.

PicoFractional also stimulates new collagen, so that skin is renewed to achieve a brighter and even tone.

PicoFractional – empowered by PiQo4, from Lumenis, is a non-thermal FDA-approved laser for treating multiple types of pigment issues. It's PicoFractional handpiece converts light into sound waves to deliver Pico pulses. Many other lasers exclude certain skin tones because of the side effects on darker skin. PicoFractional is different because it uses non-thermal energy which is generallysuitable for all skin tones.

Immediate subtle changes will include cleaner and smaller skin pores and a more even skin tone in general. Brown spots will be noticeably lighter the day after treatment. Optimal results are typically achieved after 4-6 sessions at 2-6 week intervals. You may continue to see improvements for up to six months following treatment.


Photoacoustic skin rejuvenation for pigment and skin resurfacing


Safe and quick treatments with noticeable results.

A lunch-time treatment with minimal downtime, allowing you to quickly return to your normal routine.

Noticeable results for pigmentation, age/sun spots, texture and overall skin appearance.


The PiQo4 is a laser that does not use heat. Instead, it uses acoustics for neocollagenasis. Since heat is not the primary source of energy, it is safer to use on lighter and darker skin


Skin will have a pinkish tone for 1-4 hours. Brown spots to appear lighter in appearance on the day after the treatment.